Workplace Menopause

As part of my commitment to improving the lives of menopausal women, I have joined forces with Menopause Friendly Australia to deliver Workplace Menopause Training.

Menopausal women are the fastest-growing workforce demographic, and for many, it’s not an easy transition.

Often menopause is stigmatised and discussions avoided. This can potentially result in significant consequences for both employees and employers. However, with the right awareness and support, people experiencing menopause can continue to thrive at work.

When businesses put equity, diversity, inclusion and their colleagues wellbeing at the centre stage, it demonstrates a decision to making an organisation a great place to work.

Menopause Friendly Australia offers a Membership, in-house or on-line training and also an accreditation process.

Please contact me at to discuss your workplace menopause needs further.

Latest Menopause Friendly News

November 2023 – Presenting at Parliament of Victoria

Menopause Friendly Australia presented to Parliament of Victoria MPs and parliamentary staff. It’s great to see Parliament leading the way in helping create menopause friendly workplaces in Victoria.