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Menopause Metamorphosis

There were many times throughout my menopause transition where I felt the opposite of a beautiful butterfly. It was often confusing, frustrating and really hard. I felt like my entire existence and sense of self was being thrown into utter chaos, amid crazily fluctuating hormones, sleepless nights, sweats and mood swings. I…

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Eat the Ice Cream

This menopause/midlife thing has been a pivotal point in my life. The milestone of reaching half a century of life, together with the major hormonal shift of menopause, has provided me with the opportunity to take some time to think about what ‘health’ really means for me and how I want to…

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How simplifying improved my menopause and my life

Peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause are definitely having a moment.This is fabulous because finally, women are retreating from life wondering what on earth is happening to their bodies, minds and selves. Finally, we are being made aware of the many aspects of this major hormonal shift that once no-one ever talked about.…

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Why walking is my No 1 form of exercise

It’s almost too simple isn’t it. Walking? It’s not sexy or trendy or complicated. And, perhaps that’s why its so effective at contributing to good health. But, is walking alone enough to optimise health? Probably not. It’s ideal to include strength training, multi-directional movements, possibly some jumping movements and more variety. However,…

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What’s the best type of exercise post menopause?

As a personal trainer, this is one of the most common questions I’m asked. Everyone is fascinated by what exercise will transform them back to either their pre-menopause body or the best ‘shape’ of their life. First things first, a few considerations: So, given all that, what are the ‘best’ options for…

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What if?

The time has come – either sell the bike or do it all again… I still don’t consider myself a ‘real athlete’. I attempt something and then become somewhat of a blob again quite easily. Real athletes don’t do that. They finish one challenge and then immediately start aiming for the next.…

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