Queen Menopause by Alison Daddo

For Australian women around my age (almost 54), you may recall seeing Alison (then Brahe) gracing the cover of Dolly and other fashion magazines frequently. If I’m brutally honest, I have to admit that the images of Alison, through our 1980s social media equivalent, looking so slim and perfect probably contributed to the eating disorderContinue reading “Queen Menopause by Alison Daddo”

My Menopause Memoir by Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

Tracy is what I call a live-wire of a woman. I’ve spoken with her on her podcast and connected with her frequently through social media. Her boundless energy is infectious and also inspiring. She produces the Sexy Ageing podcast and has created an online menopause course. Tracy has also wrote this book. All within aContinue reading “My Menopause Memoir by Tracy Minnoch-Nuku”