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I’ve been featured on various podcasts, webinars and as a speaker for virtual summits. My goal is to raise awareness and change the narrative about menopause, helping midlife women thrive and be empowered at this time of life.

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Women Living Well After 50 with Sue Loncaric

Although I was the podcast guest, I was totally inspired and interested in Sue’s story – what an inspiring 60+ woman! We discussed post menopause and changes you may need to make to age optimally, chasing your dreams regardless of your age and advocating for your health. Such a great conversation!

Let’s Just Talk with Adam Martin

This conversation with Adam was fabulous. It was my first podcast with a male host and I think this is such an important step forward for normalising talk about menopause. We delve into a variety of relevant topics which I think relate to both women and men with regards to the menopause transition.

Let's Just Talk with Adam Martin and Tania Dalton

Don’t Give a Fifty with Mel and Tricia

This conversation with Mel and Tricia is one of favourites. We delve into many topics such as body image, weight, owning our wisdom and experience as midlife women and not playing small. Mel and Tricia are so much fun but also not afraid to get vulnerable and open up about their own issues.

Menopause Conversations with Angela Counsel

My conversation with Angela is all about not allowing age to stop us leading an active life. There are challenges as we transition through menopause, however by reframing how we view ageing, we can find our why and thrive.

The Stronger Stride Podcast

I talk with Lydia and Sophie about issues facing menopausal runners, body image, what younger athletes can do to set themselves up to continue running as they age and the challenges and joys of becoming an endurance athlete in midlife.

Find Your Fierce with Nikki Ellis

Nikki and I have a lovely informal chat about menopause in general, specific types of exercise that can help at menopause and about Tania stepping out of her comfort zone to train for an complete an Ironman.

Silver Sirens Thriving Through Midlife Webinar

Speaker – The Health Issue

Meagan Francis Mother of Reinvention Podcast

From ‘Mediocre’ to Marathon Runner

Feisty Menopause Summit (Live Feisty Media)

Speaker – Menopositivity: Finding Your Inner Athlete Right Now

Sexy Ageing Podcast (Tracy Minnoch-Nuku)

Tick the Bucket List

Perimenopausal Athletes and Beyond Virtual Masterclass Series

Interview with Tenille Hoogland

Motherhood the 3rd Chapter Series

Interview with Tania Carcenac

Hit Play Not Pause Podcast (Feisty Menopause with Selene Yeager)

Life Starts Now

Magnificent Midlife Podcast (Rachel Lankester)

Staying Fit and Healthy Through Menopause

Women Who Spark after 50 2021 Virtual Summit

Presentation – ‘Natural Bio Hacks for Thriving in Menopause’

Fearlessly Facing Fifty Podcast (Amy Schmidt)

Creating your beautiful midlife

Women of a Certain Age Podcast (Mary Labrie)

Be Fit, Strong, Healthy