Podcasts, webinars and summits

Initially terrified of speaking, I seem to have found my voice (probably because I’ve discovered my passion) and love chatting to people about everything menopause and health ageing related. I have been featured on various podcasts, webinars and as a speaker for virtual summits.

General media enquiries

As you may have guessed, I’m passionate about all things menopause and positive ageing.

My goal is to raise awareness and change the narrative about menopause, helping midlife women thrive and be empowered at this time of life. When we start sharing stories and educating women about menopause adequately, they are not only more aware and informed but can also become more proactive about their health.

Rather than see this time as a downward spiral towards the end of life, I believe that post menopause can be the very best and most beautiful time of our lives and we can live vibrantly and actively into old age.

My main focus is based on optimising the health and wellbeing of post menopausal women by utilising simple but effective healthy lifestyle practices, aligned with the different way the body operates in post menopause.

Please contact me to discuss working together so we can together create more Beautiful Midlives.