Transformative Vision Program


How long is the course?

4 weeks of content, live sessions and activities

What’s included?

  • Short pre-recorded videos which will be sent via email
  • 4 x 45min live zoom sessions with Tania where she provides ideas and tips, you can ask any questions and also discuss your progress (recorded)
  • Regular emails throughout the program to keep you motivated
  • A fun way to help visualise and then facilitate creating the healthiest version of you

Do we create a Vision Board?

Yes, by the end of the Program, you will produce your own personalised Vision Board. This is of course an optional component of the Program but it really can be a powerful way to visualise and then create your healthiest and happiest life.

You will be provided with ideas and tools to create one or more of the following:

  • Physical Vision Board
  • Digital Vision Board
  • Online Vision Board

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

All live sessions will be recorded and a link will be provided afterwards so that you can watch the session in your own time. You can also ask any questions prior to the live sessions.

Do I really need to do a Program for this?

No, creating clarity around your vision for your healthiest and happiest self can be done without a program. However, this program is designed to go further than you can probably achieve by yourself. We will deep dive into your why, what’s holding you back, we will explore how you see your healthiest version of you and then we will create a vision (and vision board) that reflects your desires, goals and vision for your healthiest and most beautiful self. The course will provide you with a process, direction and also support.  

When does the next Program start?

The next Program commences on 5 Februrary 2024! What a great way to start a new year!