Invest in Health

Invest in Health was my first ever business name 30 years ago. I love this name as it still means so much to me. The year after my dad died when he was 47, my mum and I attended an investment seminar and the presenter (who was probably in his late 70s) said something that became my business name and has become part of my health philosophy.

He asked the audience what was the best investment they could make. People put up there hands and named things like property, shares etc etc.

He said no, the most important investment they could make was to invest in health.

It’s so true isn’t it. If my dad had looked after his health a little better, perhaps he would still be in my life today. And my children would have a grandfather.
I was reminded of this again this week. My husband had a medical emergency (which I feel quite bad about now, because I thought he had a pinched nerve in his shoulder and he just needed to see a physio).

The next thing, we are in the Resus Ward in Emergency at the hospital and the doctor was telling me not to go anywhere!

Luckily, after a week in hospital all is relatively ok and he will recover.

Due to bed shortages, he was in the emergency area for 3 full days which meant I got to see an awful lot of ill people.

As someone who has only ever been in hospital to give birth, it was an eye opener. And, when he finally was transferred to a ward, he was sharing a room with 2 frail older women who, among other things, were unable to even take themselves to the toilet – this resulted in numerous accidents which must have been so humiliating.

I’ve called this our ‘wake up call’. A reminder that as people in our 50s, what we do now will impact so much how we live in the future. Of course there are some things that happen that we have no control over. However, I plan to do everything in my power to prioritise my health and wellness so I give myself every chance not to end up in hospital.

Lately I’ve found myself working really hard as I develop my business and perhaps letting things slip a little. Overall, I still consider myself quite healthy but I do find myself saying ‘I’m too busy’ at times and missing some of my usual health practices a little too often. However, it’s time for me to truly start walking my talk again.

After all, this is my one body and my one life. What’s a great career without my health?

So, I’m sitting down this weekend to map out how I see my healthiest and happiest life – exactly what I ask my clients to do. I know I need to make some changes – mostly about my work hours which impact my sleep and then impact what I eat and then impact how I exercise. My life seems to be a little out of whack and I’m aiming for a better equilibrium.

A reminder – our health is our most important investment.
How are you investing in your health today?

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