Can a health and wellness vision board change your life?

Although I’ve always liked the idea of vision boards, I have to admit I never considered them a legitimate way of changing your life. It wasn’t sciencey (is that even a word!!) or evidenced based enough for me.

However, throughout my ironman journey, I continually utilised visualisation techniques to help me get through my training and then through the actual event. I would envision myself crossing the finish line and even ‘feel’ what that would be like – spoiler alert – it was totally amazing!.

In the lead up to event day, I envisioned myself in the swim, knowing that it would possibly be quite rough (which it was) but thinking about how calm I would be. On the day, I saw people being rescued before we even got to the first buoy. But me, I was totally calm and actually almost relaxed, taking in the scenery and feeling myself (as I had envisioned) floating but swimming powerfully over the swell. Throughout the event I knew what was coming – the good and the bad – I had envisioned it all and knew how I would handle it. My vision became my reality and I crossed the ironman finish line with the feeling of elation I had visualised prior (actually it was even better in real life!).

So, when I considered creating some vision boards and then a Health and Wellness Vision Board Program, I was much more optimistic than I had been in the past. I knew that visualisation was powerful.

What I didn’t know was just how powerful actually creating a visual representation of a goal or something like, what the healthiest version of me looks like, could be.

As we come to the end of a two week intensive Health & Wellness Vision Board Program, my clients, some of who also were also a bit sceptical about cutting and pasting some photos onto a board, have been blown away by what they have been creating – both with the boards and the potential they see in their lives.

Through the self discovery and clarity tasks that form part of the program, they have established how they see themselves as their healthiest self (or alternatively how they see and feel themselves completing a physical event). They then created their board/s and are undertaking visualisation practices, together with identifying actual goals and creating habits and rituals to help them move towards becoming the person they see on their board.

It really does take just thinking about something to a whole other level. And, that’s what I love about a health and wellness vision board.

It can be a very powerful tool that goes far beyond just a collection of pretty pictures. It’s a visual representation of your goals, dreams, and aspirations for your physical and emotional well-being. Creating a health and wellness vision board requires thoughtful consideration and intentionality. It involves identifying your priorities and values related to health, clarifying your objectives, and visualizing your ideal state of being. By doing so, you’re activating the power of your subconscious mind about what you want to achieve for your health.

A health and wellness vision board can also help you align your thoughts, feelings, and actions to how you see your healthiest self. It serves as a constant reminder of the healthy lifestyle choices you want to make and can help keep you motivated and focused on your journey to wellness. With a health and wellness vision board, you can take charge of your health and well-being and turn your dreams into reality.

Personally, I’ve created another two health and wellness vision boards throughout the program. When I look at them, they instantly bring me a sense of joy. My current vision of my healthiest self is all about moving more in nature, creating a broader fitness base, trying new activities and loving my post menopausal body more. And, that’s exactly what I see on my boards. I’ve found images and words that represent not only the person I aim to become but also how I will feel.

This week, I’ve started to think more about ‘what would this healthiest version of me do’ each day. She sure enough wouldn’t be moping around feeling sorry for herself after a couple of months break from exercise after snapping her rib. She would be out there moving and enjoying life. And, that’s exactly what I’ve started doing.

I also identified through my exploration and creating my boards, that I want to take up paddle boarding. During the week, I met a friend for lunch and a swim and guess what, she started talking about her paddle board! I may be wrong but there possibly could be something to visualisation (not yet ready to talk about manifestation – that’s definitely not sciencey enough for me to grasp – yet)! Watch this space because the paddle board thing may soon become a reality!

If you are still on the fence, I get you. It kind of didn’t seem like something an intelligent, serious person would do with their time to help change their life. However, I also recognise that science and evidence doesn’t always have all the answers. What we do know however is that visualisation is very powerful. When you combine that with an actual visual picture of what you want to achieve, something that represents what the healthiest version of you looks and feels like, then a health and wellness vision board has the possibility of producing something magical and may just change your life.


(Although my current Health & Wellness Vision Board Program is coming to an end, I may make it available again either online or as an in-person workshop. If you are interested, please let me know.)

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