My Menopause Memoir by Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

Tracy is what I call a live-wire of a woman. I’ve spoken with her on her podcast and connected with her frequently through social media. Her boundless energy is infectious and also inspiring.

She produces the Sexy Ageing podcast and has created an online menopause course. Tracy has also wrote this book. All within a couple of years and always with a fabulous attitude!

It’s therefore hard to believe that Tracy is also navigating the ups and downs of menopause. On first impressions it would seem like Tracy is powering through this transition without a care in the world. However, in fact Tracy has had her own menopause challenges. It’s a nice reminder that most of us are not alone in this crazy rollercoaster time of life – regardless of how fit and healthy we are.

In fact, Tracy’s struggles and desire for answers was the impetus for everything she is doing right now.

My Menopause Memoir provides a very open and honest account of Tracy’s 29 menopause symptoms (there are currently around 35 recognised) and how she has managed them. She also touches some of the other issues which she hasn’t experienced herself.

It’s a simple read with each chapter setting out a symptom, the reasons why it happens and her solution, together with other tips on how to manage the issue.

Note that Tracy has utilised hormone treatment (HRT) to help manage her symptoms but combined that with lifestyle modifications. Our views seem to vary slightly relating to HRT but this again highlights how we all need to take the information and advice available and apply it to our individual circumstances, so that we can optimise our own personal health the best way for us. We are all unique and our menopause experience will be unique to us – what works for one woman, may be different than what works for another.

One thing I also really enjoyed about this book is the accounts from other women which are dotted throughout. For some reason, I find quite a lot of comfort knowing that I am not alone in the struggles I have also experienced. Tracy and her friends have all been very open and vulnerable and I appreciate this so much.  I feel this is one of the best ways we can bring more awareness about menopause and allow other women to realise that it is a big change in our life but it can also be a transformational time of life.

My favourite quote from Tracy:

‘We are smart and savvy and not ready to be ‘put out to pasture’. We have skills and are open to learning new ones. We have experiences and can help others overcome their challenges with our non-judgemental and empathetic advice. We are smart enough to make adjustments to allow our physical selves to heal and use our intelligence to create new lives on our own terms.’

I love Tracy’s attitude – we have much to learn from her.


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